Why Design/Build

Design/Build is a proven process to increase the efficiency of the design process. Instead of hiring separate building designers and contractors, a single dedicated team provides a full suite of services including, sustainable home, land and interior design, estimating, project management and construction.

This means no more telephone tag or rival subcontractors undercutting each other to produce substandard houses.

In this environment communication, risk, quality, and scope are efficiently managed while saving time on final deliverables. Our diverse team is totally invested to explore the most innovative solutions in each project and strive to provide exceptional quality and value.

Our Design/Build step by step approach ensures simplicity, clear communication, collaboration, accuracy and accountability throughout the design-build process.


You work with one company from start to finish on your project. Our design process easily guides you through the Design/Build process saving valuable time.



Our Pre-Design phase accurately identifies project parameters, scope and expectations to ensure both our clients and our team are on the same page. This leads to better communication, fewer delays, and less frustration.



Our team of designers and builders collaboratively create each design and provide feedback to ensure the most efficient design and project plan are implemented. We focus a lot of time in the design phase to analysis risk to prevent errors that commonly arise in the construction process.


Each project has a dedicated project manager that will guide you through our Design/Build process; providing information, making revisions and ensuring you get exactly what you need. Because we have a small, diversely train team, communication is streamlined and there is less risk of error because everyone involved in the project work under one roof.  



Our team understands two heads are better than one, we work closely with each other, our clients and colleagues to find solutions and efficiency. We continually hone our knowledge, skills, and abilities to achieve the greatest possible results for ourselves and our clients.

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