Residential Construction

Residential Construction and the High-Performance Home:


Our design and construction team takes a whole systems approach to building. Doing so, ensures our homes are high quality, healthy, comfortable and durable. Our residential construction team is committed to creating high-performance homes that focus on Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, Indoor Air Quality and Waste Management without compromising on Quality and Beauty.


What makes a home High-Performance?


Energy Efficiency:


To make a high-performance home, energy reduction is our primary goal; energy efficiency is gained by creating a super-insulated, breathable but air-tight building envelope. Wall/Roof systems comprised of rock wool and cellulose, and under-slab insulation and triple pane windows all work to create a superior building envelope. Taped seams and thoughtful window details ensure that indoor temperatures remain steady and comfortable day and night.


Leading Edge Design:


Years of experience in the sustainable construction industry has allowed our team to work with many building system approaches including, LEED, Passivhaus, and Net Zero. We use this experience to tailor custom design solutions to each client.


Our experience and innovative solutions, combined with our love for modern, west coast, farmhouse, and mid-century architecture, inspires us to create unique structures. Our homes allow inhabitants to experience quality, comfort, and sustainability.




To demonstrate our dedication to environmental stewardship we do our best to lower energy consumption and reduce construction waste while choosing sustainable materials. Our material selection focuses on products that are a combination of energy efficient, durable, low maintenance, non-toxic, local/renewable and cost-effective.


We also look at the Material Life Cycle of a product to assess the amount of energy required to create it and how it can be disposed of or recycled at the end of its life. In some cases, we use reclaimed materials in our finishing to give extended life to old building products so they can add to the character and story of your home.


Indoor Air Quality:


Indoor air quality is vital to a healthy home. In our designs, Airflow and air quality are controlled by a Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV). An HRV with built-in filters ensure fresh air is always available in the house. The HRV also acts as a heat exchanger to preheat incoming outside air with the exhaust air from the house. Resulting in lowered energy and heating costs for the homeowner.


Waste Management:


Utilizing sophisticated 3D modeling software allows us to accurately estimate material quantities. This aids us in Efficient Construction Planning which translates to reduced onsite construction waste, reuse of demolition materials and recycling of applicable building materials. We also manage water and erosion onsite to ensure our waterways, building sites and city infrastructure are kept clean.

If you are ready to build better and create a home that is high-quality and low energy, we would love to hear from you.