Our Values


We approach life and work with intention, integrity and respect. We work closely with our clients and community to understand their needs and provide exceptional value.



Our team understands two heads are better than one, we work closely with each other, our clients and colleagues to find solutions and efficiency. We continually hone our knowledge, skills, and abilities to achieve the greatest possible results for ourselves and our clients.



Our home and land design elements integrate seamlessly with each other to create spaces where form and functionality come together to enhance our living spaces.


Quality and Durability:

To be truly sustainable, longevity and low maintenance must be achieved throughout the Design/Build process. Material selection is meticulously researched to find products which are energy-efficient, long-lasting, low maintenance, non-toxic, local/renewable and cost-effective. At the same time, a focus on small details creates quality homes and landscapes that will outperform and outlast traditional homes and landscapes.


Ecological Stewardship:

We acknowledge that we are all sharing space on our little planet called Earth so we are all in this together. We do our part to reduce our impact on the environment through thoughtful material selection, waste reducing construction, energy-efficient buildings, and edible ecosystem landscapes.

If you share our values and want take your home build to the next level, then we want to hear from you!