Our Team

Inspired by nature and driven by design, the Wood & Water team is passionate about making the world a better place. We feel that the small choices we make every day can add up to big results.

By creating healthy, sustainable homes that reflect our love of the natural world, we are helping others and living our values every day.

Meet The Team

Matt Parks Owner Wood and Water Developments

Matt Parks

Matt has been putting a sustainable and regenerative spin on the construction industry since graduating from an Architectural Engineering Tech. course in 2011.

Matt’s love of nature is constantly pushing him to influence the industry to strive for better practices in the realms of energy consumption, construction waste, and sustainable material sourcing.

He takes a very practical approach to sustainable design with affordability, durability, utility and beauty as key drivers.

Gord Hiebert Owner Wood and Water Developments

Gord Hiebert

Being raised in a forestry centered community, Gord learned from a young age the importance of conservation, stewardship, and regeneration of renewable resources. 

In 2008, Gord received a Bachelor of Commerce in Operations/Project Management which fuelled his interest to make systems work more efficiently.

Gord has worked in road building, residential construction, and forest protection, but his favorite sector has been land design and homestead planning.

Jana Macnab Designer Wood and Water Developments

Jana Macnab

Jana has an extensive design background including: interior design, landscape design, graphic design and website design. Jana also has a thorough knowledge of plants species and their best applications.

A “Jill of many trades” Jana loves to work with her hands.  A gardener, knitter and designer, Jana’s passion is seeing a project through from concept to design to finished project. She loves to see imagination become reality.



Brian Kroeker

Brian is on holidays right now, but his bio is coming soon!

We would love to hear more about you and your project.