Education & Workshops

Wood & Water Developments (formerly Element Eco-Design & Parks Sustainable Design/Build) has been educating students on Permaculture and Sustainability for over 10 years.


Focusing on Permaculture Education, Wood & Water Developments has seen over 80 students complete their one of a kind Permaculture Design Certificate Program.

Permaculture Education

Permaculture is a design-science that aims to create sustainable human habitations that provide food, shelter, energy and economic stability for its occupants.
Permaculture principles apply a holistic approach to design that identifies beneficial relationships and incorporate seemingly unrelated functions into integrated systems that focuses on the efficient use of energy, resources, time, water and waste.

Simply put, Permaculture looks at all existing elements that are in a system and links them together to get the most efficiency/effectiveness out of them. This provides the user with simple solutions to everyday problems.

Permaculture design works with naturally occurring patterns, mimicking existing ecosystems, to maintain a balanced, diverse landscape that integrates seamlessly into the existing land structure. When applied to food growing systems, Permaculture can cultivate high yielding, disease resistant, low maintenance gardens that actively regenerate and improve soil, air and water quality. Landscapes, once established are allowed to grow and evolve into mature systems that become stronger as time goes on.

Often overlooked is the social aspect of Permaculture. The word “Permaculture” has two meanings: “Permanent Agriculture” and “Permanent Culture”. The cultural aspect of Permaculture is meant to foster a sense of community where people see the value in creating meaningful relationships with the people around them. A greater sense of the natural world and a greater sense of community allows individuals to recognize we are all part of a greater system that benefits from all aspects of living in cooperation with each other. This revelation will lead people towards living together in harmony as a part nature, not separate from it.