Our Process

We understand each project is as unique as the client and land it occupies. We take a proven, systematic approach to provide customized solutions for our clients.

Scroll down to learn more about our unique 9 step process.

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Step 1: Good Fit

Our process begins by getting to know you through an online questionnaire; what type of project are you interested in and how we can help. From this information, we can determine if our company is a good fit for you.
We will then contact you by email to set up a consultation.

Step 2: Consultation

The consultation consists of a 1hr one-on-one meeting with one of our Project Consultants to learn more about and evaluate your project. During this meeting, potential solutions and strategies are explored as well as timelines and budget.
We provide a Project Overview summarizing our visit. If all seem right we proceed with our Pre-Design Phase.

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Step 3: Pre-Design / Holistic Project Planning

Our Pre-Design process actively involves getting to know our clients in order to clearly define their vision of a successful project. Through our Holistic Project Planning process, we explore who is involved, what they want (the wish list) and how we will make that happen. This establishes clear communication and ensures accountability throughout the design-build process.

Step 4: Conceptual Design & Design Agreement

At this point, we agree upon a Design Contract where we explore possible design options for your project. We utilize aerial mapping and 3D modeling to deliver clearly communicated ideas and make your project come to life.

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Step 5: Design Development

Design Development allows us to hone your design. Our building design team creates options for your high-performance building envelope while our interior designers and land designers ensure all indoor and outdoor spaces are cohesive and beautiful.

Step 6: Project Planning

This is where our inner nerd tendencies kick into overdrive. With the design finalized we prepare a comprehensive Project Plan including, Construction Drawings, Budgets, and Schedules. These documents keep the project on time, on budget and ensure attention to detail. The result: a high quality, comfortable home.

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Step 7: Design Build Agreement/Pre-Construction

We are almost ready to get started building, first we need to sign a Construction Contract. Once that is complete we assign a project manager, submit the designs for permitting, finalize schedules and order materials. Now the fun begins...Construction!

Step 8: Construction

This is where all the planning pays off. With weekly client updates and daily crew check-ins we are active and onsite throughout the entire construction process.
Our goal is to have the construction phase run as smoothly as possible, which keeps us on time and on budget.

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Step 9: Finishing & Post Construction

Your project is almost finished. We walk you through the house and ensure everything is as you expect. We provide full home warranty on our projects and are here for you if anything comes up. We are only finished when you are happy.
Our last step is a Post Construction Survey. We do our best but we understand that we can always be better, as such, we are open to feedback so we can be our best.

If this sounds like a good fit,
we'd love to hear from you.