Integrated Home & Land Design

Integrated Home and Land Design


Our homes are where we spend much of our time. We expect these building to be durable, comfortable, efficient, and healthy environments.  The land surrounding buildings should be an extension of these expectations.


Combining home and land design allows us to create efficient, sustainable and beautiful spaces. A whole systems approach allows us to see inherent benefits between the home and land so we can use the output of one for the input of the other.


So often in new construction, the landscape is an after-thought; a way of “dealing” with the mess left over from the construction phase.  For us, the landscape is an extension of the home, it’s inhabitants and the surrounding ecosystem.


Our integrated land designs create additional living space, shade, food and even refuge for native wildlife.


Some benefits of combining home and land design include:

  • Cleaner air through the addition of green space, appropriate tree selection and permeable hardscaping.
  • Hyper-Locally produced food through edible landscaping practices
  • Reduced utility costs through the addition of shade trees, water harvesting and alternative energy solutions
  • Healthier landscapes through organic landscaping practices
  • Shelter from weather events and natural disasters through thoughtful design
  • Ecosystem supporting landscapes through the addition of native plant species and pollinator conscious garden design


It’s through this holistic design process that sustainable land design begins to shine and our custom homes become truly one of a kind.

So, let's get started on your forever home today!